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Reflections on Growing Economies and Fading Stimulus

2018 Global Investment Outlook

Our investment experts share their views as markets shift away from the recovery era of monetary accommodation amid synchronized global growth. These views represent Franklin Templeton’s global macro, fixed income, equity and multi-asset investment capabilities and are underpinned by our capital markets forecast.

Topic Paper

Expert high-level market views to help guide your portfolio decisions.


Canadian Fixed Income: Treading Carefully in 2018


Canadian Equities: Opportunities in 2018


Identifying Value in the Post-QE Era


More Room for Emerging Markets to Run in 2018


Managing Volatility through Portfolio Construction


Building a Positive 2018 Outlook for Real Estate and Infrastructure


Hedge Fund Outlook Sees a Fertile Ground for Alpha Capture Opportunities


Constructive but Cautious for 2018


Non-US Markets Look Poised to Stand Out in 2018


Optimism and Selectivity in 2018


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Underpin 2018 Tech View


Long-Term Capital Markets Expectations


Global Fixed Income: Moving Beyond Short-Term Distractions


Biotech: Resurgence in Innovation amid Policy Uncertainty


Templeton’s 2018 Views on Bargains, Value Catalysts and the Risks


Dovish ECB Stand Likely to Dominate European Fixed Income


European Equities: Recovery Underway, Earnings to Follow


Finding Value in Unloved Industrials, Cyclical Sectors in 2018


US Growth Team Sees Innovation-Driven, Secular Tailwind Ahead