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Fixed Income

Franklin Templeton is a global leader in fixed income with depth and breadth of expertise in all major sectors of the fixed income market. These include global bonds, emerging market debt, high-yield and investment grade corporate, mortgage-backed securities and municipal bonds. Each sector is covered by a dedicated team, enabling us to comprehensively examine the market and uncover unique opportunities.
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  • Franklin Bissett Canadian Core Bond
  • Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond
  • Franklin Bissett Canadian Short Term Bond
  • Franklin Bissett Money Market
  • Franklin US Core
  • Franklin US Core Plus
  • Franklin US Low Duration
  • Franklin Global Low Duration
  • Franklin Long Duration US Government/Credit
  • Franklin US Government
  • Franklin US Government Short Term
  • Franklin Strategic Mortgage
  • Franklin US TIPS
  • Franklin Municipals
  • Franklin Real Return
  • Franklin Global Aggregate
  • Franklin European Aggregate
  • Franklin European Aggregate Short Duration
  • Franklin UK Aggregate
  • Franklin Global Government
  • Franklin European Government


  • Franklin Bissett Corporate Bond
  • Franklin Global High Yield
  • Franklin US High Yield
  • Franklin European High Yield
  • Franklin Global Credit
  • Franklin Global Credit Plus
  • Franklin European Credit
  • Franklin Asia Credit
  • Franklin Long Credit
  • Franklin US Investment Grade Credit
  • Franklin US Floating Rate Bank Loans
  • Templeton Global Multi-Sector Plus
  • Templeton Global Bond
  • Templeton Global Macro Hedge
  • Templeton International Bond
  • Templeton Asian Bond
  • Franklin Global Absolute Return
  • Franklin Strategic Multi-Sector
  • Franklin Multi-Sector Credit Income
  • Franklin Credit Opportunities
Emerging Market
  • Franklin Emerging Market Debt Opportunities
  • Franklin Emerging Market Corporate
  • Franklin Emerging Market Debt Investment Grade
  • Templeton Emerging Market Bond
  • Templeton Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond
Country Strategies
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Dubai – MENA
  • India
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico


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